the gist: a simple verbal digestion of local restaurants


Wild Tangerine                                          La Poutine


Dallas Pizza & Steak House     Brits Fish and Chips          Pho and Bun

MRKT Restaurant             V-Sandwiches                         Don Antonio’s Mexican Food


I was in Vancouver for a friends wedding and other than the typical fare of laughs, philosphical musings, sex talks and thrift store shopping, eating was a big part of the pre-nuptial celebrations. So here’s a brief rundown of some of the places we ate:


Jethro’s Fine Grub 3420 Dunbar St

DE DUTCH PANNEKOEK HOUSE various locations in BC and now in Calgary


Mill Creek Cafe 9562 82 Ave        Origin India 10511-82 Ave       Cactus Club Cafe 8882-170 St

Royal Pizza 10433-80 Ave

Friends and Neigbours Cafe 10834-82 Ave




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