My name is Omar Reyes and this is the back of a napkin I’m continually scribbling incomplete thoughts and observations on. I’m sitting at a restaurant with you and we’re discussing all the ordinary and strange things of this world. You tell me about the time your daughter took your wallet and dropped it in the toilet. I laugh and tell you about the time I dropped my wallet in the toilet. In the span of three hours we’ve covered everything between atonement theory, systemic racism, growing up Evangelical to Kanye West. No topic is too sacred to be critiqued and deconstructed. Our friendship is deep enough that I can be vulnerable and you can call me on my bullshit. The server comes for the fifth time asking if we need more coffee, (something I’ve declined the last five times because I don’t drink coffee.) We ask for the check and I suggest we split it. You agree and we walk to the debit machine. As we exit the door and make our way to our vehicles you say, “I liked this. Let’s do it again.” I respond, “Definitely.” But in my head I know that it will be a long time before we sit like this again.┬áLucky for us, we still have this napkin.

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