New York Fries

So yeah…in a moment of weakness I wanted the taste of ¬†fresh-franchise-deep-fat-fried-sliced-potatoes. To my surprise I noticed one of the options was a dollop of butter chicken. The combination of french fries and curry seemed too unbelievable to pass up. Unfortunately, New York fries isn’t a reliable source for Indian cuisine. The chicken was as sparse as the spices. There was no redeemable quality to this entree other then warning you to avoid from ordering it.

0 high fives for lying to me that it was supposed to be butter chicken.

2 thoughts on “New York Fries

  1. I know. what was i thinking? forgive me my friend. You were the one who introduced me to real butter chicken and here I am betraying your teaching but succumbing to a cheap imitation. NEVER AGAIN.

  2. WHY WHY WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?? It’s a mockery that this is on the menu but an even bigger sin that you ORDERED IT! Very disappointed in you…..

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