La Poutine 8720-109 Street

There is a new restaurant in Edmonton dedicated to the french tradition of le poutine. Attending this small restaurant with an actual “French-speaking Canadian” served as an educational high point.  It is a habit of mine to allow the hot gravy to melt the cheese. However, I learned that real cheese curds used in true poutine is not supposed to melt. In fact, the curds are so “unmeltable” that they when you bite into them they make your teeth squeak.  The second thing I learned is that ketchup is an abomination.  I was scolded at the mere mention that I was thinking of adding ketchup to my “Garden Poutine.” You couldn’t blame me though. The mushroom, onions and peas didn’t quite do it for me. However, my companions all ordered the “The Supreme” which includes bacon, green onion and sour cream. “7 out of 7” exclaimed one friend. “Delicious without greasiness”, chimed another.

It’s a small venue so plan on ordering take out and don’t make the mistake I made and assume that they have a washroom. Lucky for me, Macdonald’s was just a few blocks away. Oh yeah, also, if you plan on waiting without ordering until your friends arrive; I suggest you wait outside because the owners don’t like that sort of thing.

3  High Fives for providing an authentic poutine experience that I didn’t know I was missing out on.

2 thoughts on “La Poutine 8720-109 Street

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed both the food and the company! Small quaint eatery with potatoes done up fit for a king, or the kings assistant.

  2. Side note on the ketchup: I’m not sure how well known this abomination is! It is a very personal dislike but I know that many people like it with ketchup. Personally, my motto is “why ruin a perfectly good poutine with some condiment!!” The mere thought of ketchup + gravy makes me cringe!

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