MRKT (Market) Restaurant 10542 Jasper Ave

With fellow co-workers we decided to try out this new eating establishment on Jasper Ave. I was tipped off by a friend that they have affordably delicious food. He was right. I had a very tasty Braised Beef Sandwich that I can’t shake off from my memory.  The disappointing part of the meal was the soup.  As a side-project of the famous “Soul Soup” I was awaiting another killer concoction of surprise and delight only to be disappointed by a bland red-curry lentil soup.  I asked Jared what he thought and he said “…yeah, pretty tasty sandwich”.  Kevin is quoted as saying “..liked the sandwich but not the soup.”

I recommend this place if you’re looking for a tasty sandwich in the $9 range. The decor is a cool modern-cabin feel that will probably cover 10 minutes of your conversation with friends and co-workers.

3 High-fives for getting the sandwich right.

2 thoughts on “MRKT (Market) Restaurant 10542 Jasper Ave

  1. So i went to MRKT yesterday and had the braised beef sandwich which was sooo delicious but felt the EXACT same way about the soup!

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