Pho and Bun 10122-79 Street

This quaint restaurant in the Forest Heights area is the kind of family business you feel good supporting. Not only because it’s local but because it’s consistently delicious. The first time we ordered the Lemon Chicken we were surprised with how good the chicken fried rice was. It’s SO GOOD. Of course, the battered chicken is also amazing. I’ve had their Pho and I’m not an expert on it but I slurped that bowl of broth and meat like it was no ones business. If you are a shrimp fan I’ve heard good things about their Peach Shrimp. I’m not, but I might try it because of its infamy.  Their service is friendly but without being overbearing.  I look forward to sampling more of their menu because this is the kind of relationship I look forward to building. But don’t go there on Sunday’s or Monday’s because they’re closed. I’ve gone both days and felt the disappointment of a closed door and an empty stomach.

5 high fives for it’s local homemade consistency of Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine.

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