Langano Skies

I had heard about Ethiopian cuisine recently and decided that nearing a milestone birthday this would be the right occasion.  My wife and I were surprised when the host asked us upon entrance- “did you make a reservation?”.

Not having made a reservation we were delighted to know there was still a table available. Feeling pretty hungry we ordered some meat and vegetable Sambusa’s. Resembling “samosa’s” they were a warm treat to begin the night with. I preferred the vegetable one because of the aromatic spices while my wife switched allegiance  half-way  through and chose the meat one as the best tasting one.

Never ordering Ethiopian before I tried to narrow my selection by including our waiter in the process. At his suggestion I ordered the Yebeg Tibs (Lamb sautéed with onions, tomatoes and jalapeños blended with spices and herbs). My counterpart ordered the Doro Tibs (Marinated chicken breast fried with onions, peppers, brocoli and homemade butter seasoned with herbs and spices).

According to our server the Yebeg Tibs goes well with the Doro Tibs.  I was initially puzzled by this because I thought we were each getting our individual meals.  Oh poor Westernized fool! The meal itself is served on a communal tray that is placed on a woven basket called a Moseb. When this circular vessel arrived the smell and appearance was enough to get our taste buds to prematurely-well, you get the idea.

No utensils are given as the custom is to take the injera, a sour-dough pancake like wrap and scoop the morsels of meat and vegetables.  This “exotic twist” added to not only the perfect harmony of the sauces and meat, but also to the experience of the night. There was enough injera to last the course which was a bonus because I really liked the texture of them.

Overall, I give Langano Skies  4 high fives. I look forward for the next time we head towards the African side of Whyte Ave.

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