Don Antonio’s Mexican Food 10750-124 st

I’ve been searching for some good “authentic” mexican food here in the northern tundra and it has eluded me for awhile. “But I’ve been to Julio’s Barrio and that’s mexican.” ummm…no, that’s not “mexican”, it’s simply a more expensive and flashy Taco Bell. I’m going to digress because I don’t have any love for Junky Balls AT ALL . So let’s talk about Don Antonio’s instead. One friday night I ventured with my wife to this small new eatery with a 20% coupon in hand. Which is kind of a funny story because when I paid for the bill and gave her the coupon she said “I guess a lot of people read that magazine.” To which we both sort of chuckled at the ridiculous “large” discount they were offering. “My sister went all out. Usually it’s like 10% off but she had to go all the way to 20%!”  I’m glad she did. That coupon motivated us to get there soon before it expired. We were started with salsa and nachos which I think are complimentary.  It was a good way to begin our night. After looking at the menu I was pretty excited at the simple 2 page selection. I went with the Beef Tacos and my co-diner with the Chicken Enchiladas.  Both are served with tomato-infused rice and black beans. I had read in another review to try the “Mexican pop”. It’s really nothing special other then pop from Mexico that comes in fun flavours like mango, mandarin, tamarind and apple.  My plate of beef tacos as seen above was perfect. It had the cilantro-onion-cut beef-corn tortillas that I was looking for. These tacos resembled very much the tacos I’ve had in Mexico and not the “ground beef” variety that we are sold to believe is “real”.  The accompanying beans and rice were flavourful on their own but still enhancing when eaten together. My only complaint was that the portion size was a bit small for a large appetite like mine. But at this age I’d rather sacrifice on quantity then on quality.

4 high fives for keeping it real.

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