Red Robin

I’ve been ordering the Whisky River Chicken burger for years. I then transitioned to the wrap version. A little too much of a good thing can sometimes be the death of a good thing. I endured the aimlessness of not having a “go to” item for a while. Then I ordered the Lamb burger. What I like about this morsel is that it’s as fresh an offering as a franchise can be. Sure the feta isn’t the best but I’m okay with it because the cucumbers and tomato are always crispy. I also enjoy the taste of lamb with a touch of rosemary and the lack of grease usually found in beef burgers. The tzatziki is alright but the ciabatta bun is what holds everything together. It’s sturdy enough to hold all the ingredients but soft enough that it doesn’t scrape the roof of your mouth.

3 High fives for creating an admirable replacement to the Whiskey River.

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