Dallas Pizza & Steak House 7834 106 Ave

It seemed like a good idea to order the “Charcoal grilled” steak.  I haven’t had flesh cooked over hot rocks in a long time. The one thing I failed to calculate was that the steak might actually be the kind that’s stored frozen in an air-sealed plastic wrap. Why else would the meat look so pale and taste like a polymer? My dish was less than appetizing. Yes, those look and taste like microwaved carrots. This is a decision I won’t make again.  If you venture into this quaint and established  popular eatery remember to ALWAYS order the pizza. That’s their staple. I can’t say I haven’t had this pizza before. It’s very much like Royal Pizza. Nevertheless, it’s a solid product. I’m lucky both my co-diners ordered pizza so I didn’t leave unsatisfied.

2.5 High fives for a pizza that saved the day

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