Prayer #1095

Dear God/Creator/Divine One/Dios Mio…

I pray without words. I pray with my feeling of anxiety instead. My worries are my prayers. They are unclosed loops of me repeating, “Why? Why? Why?” a million times. 

I pray without words. I pray with the feeling of anger instead..internally fuming at that and whom I cannot control. 

I pray without words. I pray with my hands instead as I hold those I love, cook meals, snuggle when there are tears, and when I text a response to a friend. 

I pray without words in hopes to hear the sound of peace instead of bombs and bullets. 

I pray without words in hopes to hear your response to our suffering, to our loss, to our division, to our mourning. 

God, do you answer without words? Because I, too, will continue to pray without words…

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