Sabzy Persian Cuisine 9314 34 ave

“Where do you want to eat?” “Oh I don’t know…maybe that new Persian restaurant?” (sounding like I was familiar with their cuisine) “Sure, what’s it like?” “Hmmm…trust me, you’ll like it!”

And thus began our introduction to Persian cuisine.

Having been there twice already I’ve added it as a “go to” place in my mental database of a default place to enjoy a good meal.

The setting is modern and relaxed.  The family run business is evident from the polite service to the pride demonstrated with each meal. We started by having a Shirazy salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions and parsely in a lemon sauce) which was a perfect way to moisten our palette. From there I scanned for the “meatiest” entree available and settled on the Kabob Koobedeh. When asked what side I wanted my hesitation invited the server to make a suggestion. “You should get the saffron rice. It’s delicious here.” I’m not one to disagree with a server let alone turn down the most expensive “spice by weight” so I agreed.  I’m glad I did.  The beef-lamb coalition of meat had the right amount of meat to spice ratio.  The rice was light but aromatic enough to appreciate the saffron. Not a fan of the grilled tomatoe but I’m glad it was there because it added a needed splash of colour to the plate.

My co-diner ordered the Jojeh wrap and to the credit of Sabzy she claimed it to be the best wrap she’s ever had. The chicken was full of flavour yet still complimented by the sauce, tomatoes and cucumbers. This admission surprised me because she has had a significant amount of wraps in her life.  I tried it myself and although I enjoyed the unique taste of the chicken I wasn’t ready to make that claim.

4 high-fives go to Sabzy for introducing us to what I hope will a  beautiful friendship.

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