Friends and Neigbours Cafe 10834-82 Ave

One sunday morning we decided to try a breakfast place we’ve never been before. The restrictions were that it had to be cheap, delicious but not Denny’s.  I had remembered “bumping” into this place a while ago and decided that this would be our virgin experience. My wife had never seen this restaurant so it is safe to say that it remains somewhat of a secret.  From the outside you get the idea that this place is straight to the point. You can get grease of 2 varieties-meat and vegetarian. I ordered the “Mexican” omelette with home-cut potatoes and rye toast.  The sausages were not really visible and the server took a bit long to get me Frank’s sauce. However, the fries were just right and eventually Frank helped ease my early morning hunger tension. Overall it was a positive experience.

3 High Fives to a safe place to enjoy comfort food.

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