V Sandwiches 10135 100A St

By the same friend who told me about MRKT told me about V Sandwiches.  I had the best Vietnamese sub in Calgary several years ago (don’t get me started on how much better Calgary restaurants are then Edmonton) and had forgotten how warm and satisfying they were to my palette.  When this place opened I went 3 times because they had a ” NO GST” deal so I could eat a really warm and meaty sandwich for under $7.  Now that they are in the regular groove of things you can still enjoy french-crusted baguettes stuffed with tasty meat (get the sate beef), cilantro, cucumber, cabbage and other fixings for just over $7. It’s been pretty consistent every time I’ve gone and the service is really friendly.

3 high-fives for reminding me again why I prefer these subs over any other type.

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