Cactus Club Cafe

In Calgary I remember eating at this restaurant and not being impressed. In my mind I placed it in the same lame/overpriced category of Joey’s, Moxies, Earls. So I wasn’t too thrilled about driving all the way to West Edmonton Mall. But it was a gift card given by loving friends so we were obliged. So glad we went! For some tragic reason I ordered the steak. Don’t get me wrong. It was good but I’m finding steaks a bit too boring these days. The menu boasted diverse and unique selections unseen in previously mentioned establishments.  My partner in crime ordered the halibut tacos.  She loved it! She’s not a fan of seafood but was drawn by the description of the meal that with more balls than me ordered outside her comfort.  Luckily for me we had a very delicious goat cheese, vinaigrette, flat bread as an appetizer prior to the main meal that perhaps resulted in her getting filled sooner than she hoped.  She left me the second taco and was brought back to that scene in “Love You Man” where both guys indulge in the famous fish tacos.  I’ve been to LA and tried those fish tacos and although these are not as good as those they come very close.  The secret is behind the robustness of the halibut, the crunch of the cabbage and the spicy kick from the guacamole.  Definitely worth going just for the tacos.  Talking with other friends they suggest the duck sandwich and the short-ribs sandwich.

4 high fives for being a surprising “chain” restaurant.

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