The Power of Middle East Revolutions

May 10, 2011

“ ‘I am here to tell you that the future that we were dreaming for [in the Middle East] has eventually arrived,’ Wadah Khanfar, director general of the Al Jazeera network, told the audience at the Technology Entertainment and Design conference (TED) on Tuesday, speaking about the recent popular uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya that have toppled long-standing governments.” WIRED Epicenter

If you’ve been following the revolutions occurring in the Middle East you’ll find that Khanfar’s talk is both insightful and inspiring. Questions to ponder: How do you feel about the revolutions going on? What changes do you think will occur on a world wide scale? How does this talk affect how you view the Western nations insistence for democracy in the Arab world?



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5 thoughts on “The Power of Middle East Revolutions

  1. Så fin du är som ställer upp för dina morföräldrar. Du förstår säkert att det är en förmån som inte är alla förunnad. Fråga dem om saker bakåt i släkten som du sedan kan föra vidare. Låt dem få berätta om hur det var förr i tiden. Kom ihåg att de ruvar på en skatt av minnen som snart är förlorad och som du kan berätta för dina barn.

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  3. I’m wondering if now there will be a period of the people having more control and more of a voice. But also wondering if after this period, if governments will rise up making sure of the opposite, and allowing no public voice, and control will be even stronger. Hope not.

    I do like that these places are being able to have a say. It sucks that most of the times, violence is the route to get there though.

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