Painting Experiment: Interpretations?

Hi, my name is Jared from eye-cathchers.

Alright, so what i love about art is that it is subjective.

Many can look at a painting, and each may pull something different out of it:

Some may look at it, like the colors and move on.

Some may stare at it for hours, seeing more than just shapes and composition.

Some may look at it many times, and pull something different out every time.

Some may not see any meaning in it.

Some may feel vulnerable sharing their interpretations.

Some may like it, some may not.

Some cant decipher it, and will want an explanation.

Some may think there can only be one explanation.

Some will disagree with another’s interpretation.

Some will appreciate it more once there is meaning.

So, I have an experiment that I would like to ask for your participation in:

Take a look at the picture of one of my latest paintings, and respond with your interpretation.

What do you see?




2 thoughts on “Painting Experiment: Interpretations?

  1. hey David, awesome interpretation! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    I always love hearing what people take away from my paintings (well, art in general).
    Probably most things in life, not just art, are perceived differently depending on the lens they are looks at through. It helps me appreciate others for who they are, and helps me see that my viewpoint is not the be all and end all.
    I like your thoughts, with both the positive and negative contrast happening.

  2. Mmmm. I feel guilty when I look at this. It makes me think of the phrase: “the grass is greener on the other side.” Here, there is no greener, but there’s a high path and a low path; there’s a light path and a dark path. And here I am, echoing the light path with every fiber of my being… Yet sitting on the road more traveled, digging away at the gap between the two: sealing my fate with every second of apathy, word of discouragement, or sin in the heart.

    Yet at the same time I feel hope. For at the same time I know each hole I dig can be filled; and there is no gap which cannot be covered by grace. I will retain what’s left of… nay, reclaim my innocence and cross to the other side.

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