the gist: an attempt to spotlight films and documentaries that should be rented, borrowed, purchased, legally downloaded, netflixed or experienced in a local theatre.

CATEGORY  “I want to laugh”-pull my finger here | CATEGORY: “I want to watch something that is romantic because I want my date to like me” -let’s reach for the popcorn at the same time here | CATEGORY: “I want to watch something with twists and turns…wait! Don’t tell me anything more”-click here, or don’t | CATEGORY: “I want to watch something that will enhance my worldview”-click here for an education | CATEGORY: “I want to watch something based on a true story”-click here, honest  | CATEGORY: “I want to watch a documentary”-click here, the camera is still rolling | CATEGORY: “I want to watch something science fictiony/magical”-cast a spell and click here | CATEGORY: “I want to watch something with explosions, slow motion action shots and cheesy lines”-click here and get your eyebrows burned | CATEGORY: “I want to watch an Award-nominated” KIND OF MOVIE-take a bow and click here | CATEGORY: “I want to watch something that is off the beaten path”-come along, click here |







8 thoughts on “Cinema

  1. Hey man, I just want to throw out the suggestion to watch Another Earth if you haven’t already. LMK what you think!

  2. Well Tony, I don’t think want to take all the credit. I had a VERY critical voice ushering me towards making these changes!

  3. Thank you for taking my suggestion. I can only hope that people will soon flock to this portion of your blog…not so much to read the content but to marvel at my suggestion! Haha!

  4. Tony, on behalf of ORDINARYSTRANGE, I hope that these changes will make your viewing a lot easier and smoother.

  5. Good idea Tone! I get it! I’ll be making some tweaks this friday so I’ll take your suggestion. Also, thanks for subscribing to the blog! Welcome. Also, we should hang soon. We miss you guys!

  6. Hey man…good reviews! Just a suggestion, perhaps you should have links going directly to the movie review. This way you don’t have to scroll down and down to look at all the movie reviews…make sense?

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