Very Importlandia


For the last few weeks I’ve been slightly obsessed with Netflix’s latest release of Portlandia’s third season. The show has a way of being quirky, off-beat, intelligent and endearing all at the same time. You might remember Fred Armisen (one of my favourites!) from Saturday Night Live. Or maybe you recollect Carrie Brownstein from the band Sleater-Kinney.

Even though they mock various nuances and sub-cultures that often characterizes Portland, there is a universality to their punchlines. Try watching a show without being reminded of someone you know or have met in your life? It is my hope to convince you of this shows underrated greatness and have you saying, “put a bird on it!” at your next Tapas birthday party.

Fun fact: The opening song to Portlandia is a track from Washed Out called, Feel It All Around. I had the opportunity to interview Ernest Greene from Washed Out for Georgie Magazine. Check it: here

Here are 5 of my favourite sketches:



3 thoughts on “Very Importlandia

  1. @Paul-That’s why we’re still friends despite our distance 😉 you get me.

  2. Agreed- I adore Portlandia. It’s my favourite show. It’s quirky, witty, smart, eclectic, funny, and sharp. Thanks for posting!

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