An Inclusive Mother’s Day


It wasn’t until the miscarriages that we went through that my eyes and heart were opened to the reality of how painful Mother’s Day can be. Whether it’s asking Moms to stand during a Sunday morning service to be acknowledged or the barrage of Mother Day sentimentality that gushes throughout Social Media; there are Mothers in our midst who brace themselves on this day.

Last year, one of my colleagues came across this blog ( and shared it with us to be cognizant of how we might honour the Moms of of our church. I appreciate how the author (Amy Young) helps us see the wide spectrum of Motherhood in a way we might not have noticed before.

I love the Mom’s in my life, but I hope that it doesn’t mean that I exclude in honouring the women who don’t fit the Hallmark mould.

So, to all the women, I join with others in honouring you this weekend.


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