The Dissection of Love

A few days ago I noticed on Facebook that my youngest brother had his relationship status changed from “single” to “in a relationship”.  This very medium of communication has changed how we learn about each other.  We no longer need to hear life-changing events through the voice of another human but rather just read about them in a few short words.  So I decided to listen first-hand about the details on Johnny’s new relationship. I am his older brother so I think  I’m entitled to know a little about his new GF.

I sat down with my 16 year old brother in the comfort of my dining room and here is what he had to say:


(ORDINARYSTRANGE) As of today Sunday May 9, 2010 how long have you been dating your new GF?

(JOHNNY) 3 days.

(ORDINARYSTRANGE) Define “dating” in the high school world? In other words, what’s the difference between “dating” and “just friends”?

(JOHNNY) There are certain benefits that you receive when you are together. One is holding hands, kissing and/or making out. Commitment to one person instead of having her jealous if he’s going for other girls.

(OS) What caused you to decide to date her?

(J) I guess I just really fell for her.

(OS) What makes her different from other high school girls?

(J) Well I haven’t really…she doesn’t…ummm…she’s umm…she’s really sweet…she’s really beautiful. She’s really nice. She really likes me.

(OS) Who liked who first?

(J) By the looks of it, her.

(OS) Why do you think she likes you?

(J) Because I’m really sweet to her. I’m nice and she says I’m good looking. She thinks I’m funny.

(OS) How are you sweet?

(J) I don’t know if I should really say.

(OS) Why?

(J) It would be a little weird for you to hear.

(OS) I’m not going anywhere…

(J) [Alright] I hold her hand, tell her she’s really beautiful. And I shower her with kisses.

(OS) How did you “ask her out”?

(J) It was a Thursday after school on May 6th at around 3:30 pm. I caught her at her locker as she was about to leave. We hugged each other for a really long time and then I asked “Will you go out with me?” She said “of course!”.

(OS) How did you feel right after you heard those words?

(J) I felt really happy, really confident she would say “yes”. But there was a slight chance of doubt that she would reject me.

(OS) Any advice for the single guys out there?

(J) I guess the first thing would be to talk to the girl. Second would be to come on with a flirtatious vibe and if she’s being flirtatious back she might like you. But that’s not always for sure. She might only be looking for a fling. But the way you would tell she likes you is if she drops hints, very subtle hints. If your texting read over the messages to see if she’s dropping hints. Pick up what she’s trying to say. If there is an opportunity to take her hand take it. Or even other opportunities such as kissing.

(OS) So you kissed and held her hand before you started dating?

(J) Yes. Also one more thing- you gotta have confidence in yourself.

3 thoughts on “The Dissection of Love

  1. I’m just happy that Johnny is asking girls to kiss him now and not boys anymore haha….not that it matters.

  2. Man oh man…the days of High School dating! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Good investigative reporting Oms!

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