The Important Thing is: Preventable Safety

Dear Distracted Driver,

It’s possible that you’re too cool for Oprah. I don’t blame you because I don’t have anything in common with her either. But, her campaign to stop us from using the phone while driving is brilliant. I’ll tell you why. She is saving lives. Not to be melodramatic but distraction from texting, dialing, etc can lead to hitting someone. Don’t believe me. Try this: Run as fast as you can through the mall while texting and dialing. If you can do that without running into anyone you are a super-hero. If not, you are a mere human prone to the pesky flaw of distraction. I know that Oprah does not drive so this is easy for her (As one friend informed me). But who cares?! You’re in a heavy vehicle that when contact is made with homosapien flesh or moving steel calamity will follow.

I know that you’re busy and that you’re trying to “kill two birds with one stone”, but the truth is that you just might be killing more than two birds.

Also,I realize that making turns while holding the phone with one hand is impressive. I know because I’m very proud when I do this smoothly on a stick shift. But that’s my horrid past. I’ve changed. You can too. It’s not that hard.

Here’s what I do: If I need to call someone once I leave the office I’ll sit in my car and talk.  Once we’re done I turn on the car and begin to drive. If the phone rings while driving I don’t hear it because I’m listening to really cool music. Maybe check out my Song section for some ideas of cool music.  If I need to text I’ll do it once I’ve arrived somewhere. Usually its a place where I’m at for more than 5 minutes. A red light stop does not count.

Also, one more thing. When I call you and I realize that you’re driving I’ll do you, your passangers and pedastrians a favour and politely let you go. You can thank me later.


A Fan of Living

ps- Feel free to this on to others because the more of us that heed this warning the better.

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