Juegemos Futbol

A few months ago we understood what sports can do to bring some perspective to “globalization”.  We did not just know countries but we also knew the names of athletes from those countries.  It was more than flags but people that we cheered for.  Canada was the backdrop to a global sporting event.  In a few weeks it will be South Africa.  How far have we come when a country that was synonymous with apartheid is now on the spotlight for a jovial reason.  I know that oil is leaking in the ocean, I know that some of the athletes in the pitch are overpaid athletes and I know that South Africa still has dire issues.  But I’m excited for the World Cup tournament. In turbulent times games like this transcend the sport and bring a unity and excitement that we don’t often share as a global community.  So I say wave the flags, bang the drums and may each country unite as we witness the greatest sport on earth!

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