Returning the Favour

THE GIST: a few musical artists that were directly or indirectly brought to my attention by friends, family and other bloggers. i cannot take any credit for discovering these songs. it’s funny to consider how people in my life may come and go but their songs remain with me.

THE REASON: to be selfless with my own playlist. i will not pretend to be a musical hoarder. instead I choose to express my gratitude towards the people that shared their music with me by releasing them into the wild.

THE CONTEXT: I imagined you sitting in your place of work or leisure growing tired of your own playlist. with the gentle sun taunting you through a window i hoped to bring a little summer into your space.

THE HEART: you might be a person that introduced me to these songs. to return the favour I’m sharing them with others. i hope that’s okay with you.

THE GOAL: that you would enjoy, expand, relate, remember, fall in love, ride a bike, make a call, close your eyes, cook a meal, drink some water and turn up the volume.

4 thoughts on “Returning the Favour

  1. alright then, jlj provided the songs “Imotisis” by Andrew Bird and “Dream Catch Me” by Newton Faulkner…but that’s only because I would not put Nickelback’s “Gotta Be Somebody” that he so ardently lives by.

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