Observation is NOT my middle name

Sometimes life is way too fast for one to make any significant observations.  Just yesterday while lying in bed my wife made a surprising observation-I have hair growing out of my ear.  This may not be shocking considering that most males are essentially hair colonies with patches of skin. However, for her this was a humurous new find that only confirms how quickly I’m aging.

There is an italian proverb that says “To him that watches, everything is revealed.” I like that thought.  It certainly explains why I’ve had few significant observations in the last several months.

So let me scrape the side of the barrel and show you what I mean by this.

My latest observations:

1. When a group of young people from China, Japan or South Korea walk, it seems like they are in their own world full of optimism, innocence and sunshine. I feel safe when I walk near them.

2. Children have an uncanny way of bringing out the awkward, grade 7 nervousness out of any male adult.  After a certain amount of time aournd children I do tend to sweat more.

3. Grass smells really good.

4. Bicycles are works of genius.

5. Telemarketers are humans too.

So let me throw it out there to my many faithful millions-what observations have you made lately?

2 thoughts on “Observation is NOT my middle name

  1. Duly noted. I don’t notice the blank space on my laptop. Must be something wrong with yours! Also, thanks for the books. I’ve started both. I’m not sure if I’m ingesting magic mushrooms but I’m seeing things in a new way!

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