This is for that feeling of elation over an emerging romance that caught you by surprise.

This is for buying new shoes as a motivator to finally begin running.

This is for handing out your résumé as if you were handing out your heart.

This is for the stubborn grass blades fighting to turn green despite the onslaught of snow.

This is for office relocations.

This is for all the promises you’ve made to change yet haven’t materialized.

This is for newborns about to enter our world.

This is for drafting a business plan when you have no idea about business plans.

This is for that scary dream locked in your heart that you’ve yet to tell someone about.

This is for that crazy haircut you saw on a magazine that you’re too scared to try.

This is for seeing God in an unlikely place.

This is for that canvass ready to be hung in a gallery.

This is for the words you’ve yet to publish.

This is for shared songs that set the soundtrack to your adventure.

This is for the smile on the face of your child that makes sleep deprivation worth it.

This is for the “For Sale” sign standing proudly on your lawn.

5 thoughts on “Parvenu

  1. @Julie- Humbled by your honesty and appreciation…
    @Dan- Big time oops on my end! The actual word is “Parvenu”- essentially meaning “someone from humble beginnings who has just risen to a place of prestige, power or finances”. I love the image and direction of that word. I clumsily copy and pasted “Prevenu” instead. 😉 Thanks for the correction!

  2. What does prevenu mean? If it means what I think it means, why are there warnings for all of these statements?

  3. Yes! @stacy. This is for completing a half-marathon for the first time.

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