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When we walk, we often look down. We even take pictures of the ground we are standing on and post it on Instagram for the world to see where we once stood.

The illusion we unintentionally create is that we are walking alone.

We pull ourselves by our bootstraps. We pound the pavement. We climb the ladder. We walk tall. We march to the beat of our own drum.

Everything in us is positioned to survive. From an early age we learned to tie our shoe laces to secure our own footing in this world.

So here we are- a world full of people walking a variety of paths on the very same ground.

We walk alone, together.

What would we notice if we looked up and saw those walking near us?

What would happen if you opened yourself to the possibility that what you are going through is something that someone, somewhere is going through as well?

What if our steps are part of this cosmic rhythm that we are all contributing to?

For me, it would feel a little less lonely. I would feel that much closer to the stranger walking 3 paces ahead of me. I might even begin to have compassion for Rob Ford.

I would listen longer to someones story. I would allow others carry me when I don’t have it in me to move. I would pray for others with urgency. I would slow my pace.

I would keep walking with the hopes that I would run into you.


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