Squares and Rectangles


When I see people staring at their phones, I recall the scene in many movies when a family member or lawyer visit an inmate in prison. Two chairs facing one another, yet separated by glass. Each side of the glass hosts a different reality. Depending on which side of the glass you sit, your understanding of freedom is defined.

I realize that the more I stare at square and rectangular screens, the tighter their grip is on my life. I thought I was the free one. But each day, my attention to the flickering pixels grows. Captivity that I choose isn’t captivity, right?

I recently read an article that put my prison in perspective. I highly encourage you to read it.

When everything is said and done, I know that I’m not going to wish that I had spent more time posting music videos of Drake on Facebook.

I realize that I can express my emotions and thoughts of:




My surroundings

But I don’t think I know how to be with:




My surroundings

like I used to.

Being requires for me to be present. It demands time. It can be messy, awkward and uncomfortable. Nevertheless, life is sacred. It deserves my full attention. Being aware of the air I breathe opens up a well of gratitude that I never thought I had.

I don’t have any easy answers to my predicament. Nor do I want them. But, for the next few weeks I want to explore different paths to lead me out of this prison. You are more than welcome to join me!


21 thoughts on “Squares and Rectangles

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  18. @Hilda-Ha! Yeah, I didn’t want it to be obvious…#DegrassiDrakeForLife

    I’m encouraged to know that I’m not the only one either! When I stop to think how many “screens” I look at in a day…well, it’s just disturbing. My need to be on those screens is what’s most troubling. Can’t I just be with people without the need to “check” what “other people” are up to? Does every sublime moment need to be captured on Instagram? I too have been intentional of when and for how long I’m on a “screen”.(iphone, iPad, laptop, TV) But I have a suspicion the problem lies deeper…

  19. “When everything is said and done, I know that I’m not going to wish that I had spent more time posting music videos of Drake on Facebook.”

    Haha!! Thanks for pointing out my Drake obsession, Omar! 😉

    You’re right though. In the last week, I’ve realized how connected I feel that I need to be with people in their own realities that I forget about my own. I’ve actually started eliminating the time that I do spend on my social networking (even if it doesn’t seem like it). I’m taking it to the next step though. I’m actually going to start shutting stuff off for a few hours because I’m missing out on life. And even though we walk around with our phones waiting to instagram something beautiful so that people can see how much we really are enjoying our lives, I feel that for me it has become the focus.

    Thanks for the reassurance that I’m not the only one. We’re all prisoners and I only wish that we find some freedom.


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