It’s a Cover up

March 29, 2011

I got the inspiration of creating a mix of “Cover songs” from a facebook post. (I’m looking at you Hilda and John Legend!) With the advent of Glee it would seem that the art of “re-interpreting a song” has reached its pinnacle.  Or was it the lowest chambers of mediocrity hell?

Some cover songs are like accessorizing a well dressed woman with a smaller purse to accentuate the dangly bangles orbiting her tender wrists. It looks good but doesn’t get in the way of her style. Other cover songs manage to be the acid wash jumpsuit that no one should ever be forced to wear. (No matter how much money you’re getting).

Some of these songs are done so well that you may never have suspected them to be covers. Others balance on the scale between homage and fromage. Regardless, enjoy the cover up.


8 thoughts on “It’s a Cover up

  1. @Omar — I agree to be quite honest. Although at first I did enjoy it, after listening to it a couple times (and I literally mean TWICE) I had to skip it in my playlist shuffle…it really doesn’t measure up to Adele and it almost makes me want to scream “CAN I HAVE SOME WINE WITH THAT CHEESE?!” when his background vocalists come in singing…ha.

  2. @Hilda- Okay, so the JL song is good if I had never heard Adele. But because I am infatuated and moved by her song, when I hear JL sing all I can hear is how short he comes to what Adele accomplishes. I mean, JL does a valiant attempt at giving it his spin, but I feel the song might be a bit too big for him.

  3. Uh oh…and what’s the verdict on the John Legend cover!? Lol!!!!

    You’re so right though!!! My biggest pet peeve is when covers aren’t done well…it’s cool to hear sometimes when artists bring their own style and “flava” into an old song; mind you, it doesn’t always sound great! Hahaha.

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