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Dear Friend and future Friend,

I am very excited to announce the annual “ORDINARYSTRANGE Care Package” Raffle! This year I’ve decided to do something a little bit different. Heading into our 3rd year of the raffle I thought it needed some new blood with a dash of fresh and a sprinkle of “Wow!”

I’ve teamed up with Jared Robinson to come up with what I think is the best raffle yet! Here are the details:

Every email subscription for ORDINARYSTRANGE gets entered into the draw for the Care Package. Every email subscription to JAREDROBINSON.CA gets entered into the draw for a signed copy of his book, “I Came To Conquer Your Planet”, and a limited edition signed print from his upcoming book.

Let me recap: If you subscribe to ORDINARYSTRANGE you are entered for the Care Package. If you subscribe to JAREDROBINSON.CA you are entered for the book and print. That means you could win one or both prizes! Current subscribers are automatically entered so you don’t need to do anything.

Besides the chance of winning some killer swag, you might be asking, “Give me a reason why I should subscribe?”

I’ll give you five.

1. In social settings there is something impressive and powerful about name dropping. i.e. “I know Omar, who interviewed George Strombolopolous for Georgie Magazine…” BOOM. Instant street cred.

2. You are kept up to speed with the creative expressions of a nomadic artist. It’s always a good thing to know exactly what Jared Robinson is up to.

3. In the world of social media, you are the first to know about big life changes. For example, the ORDINARYSTRANGE family was the first to know about the The Roommates.(I realize that to many this might not be a significant reason. However, I will continue to write about my reflections, thoughts and observations of being a dad to twin boys. In addition, of course, to interviews, commentaries and stories from a myriad of topics, subjects and people.)

4. You are invited behind-the-scenes to the various projects that Jared works on. It’s like a VIP pass to Jared’s brain.

5. You can begin the new year knowing that you are a part of 2 blogs that aim to challenge, enhance, provoke and encourage you in your journey.

So head to JAREDROBINSON.CA and ORDINARYSTRANGE soon because the deadline for the raffle is January 2.


Omar and Jared





2 thoughts on “Give Me A Reason

  1. Brills. Definitely subscribing to Jared’s blog. 🙂

    Love the bit about name dropping. HAHA!

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