Cool Walkens

It’s about the woman who’s attempting to break free from the hold of chemical dependency for the third time.
It’s about the man who wants to get his life together so he can be re-united with his wife and daughter.
It’s about the teenager who wants to be loved.
There are many reasons why Hope Mission exists in the city of Edmonton.
In discussions surrounding poverty and homelessness we can cite statistics, studies and surveys. Yet, we can often get lost in the flurry of such complexity. Yet, the one thing we can’t forget is that organizations like this exist for people. Real people. People with stories, dreams, plans and ┬ápotential.
I am leading a team called “Cool Walkens” on behalf of City Centre Church simply because I have been encouraged, blessed, and inspired by both the clients and employees of Hope Mission.
Walking 10 KM on February 25 is a small way of cheering them on and saying “thank you” for how they have impacted my life.
If you would like to sponsor me or anyone on my team please do so.
Here’s the link to our page to get more info on how to sponsor us: Coldest Night Ever
If you squint your ears on February 25 you just might hear some cowbells.

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