Once/Diez y Nueve (11/19)

I haven’t been intentional in delaying the release of my “Favourite Songs of 2011”; I’ve just been busy. Anticipating the arrival of guests can be exhausting. (Have I discovered a new excuse for procrastination?)

To make it up to you I’ve created a contest. It’s simple. Answer as many of the questions as you can based on the recent and current playlists. Whoever answers A) the soonest with B) the most correct answers, wins a mini-ORDINARYSTRANGE care package.

1. There is one artist who consistently made 5 out of 6 lists. Which artist is it?

2. Which artist was accompanied last night by Kathleen Edwards at the Grammys ?

3. In Long Live the Croon, which artist is compared to Michael Jackson?

4. In My Top 25 is Actually Top 30, which artist is also currently in a comedy TV show?

5. What song is on both Roots Top Musique and Once/Diez y Nueve?

6. What song is on both The Same, Except Nothing Like and Occupy 2011?

Good luck and without further ado….


4 thoughts on “Once/Diez y Nueve (11/19)

  1. #ding #ding #ding You got them all right! Congratulations Hilda! A mini-Ordinarystrange care package will arrive shortly. And by “shortly” I mean within a month 😉

  2. 1. BON IVER… ?
    2. Bon Iver!
    3. Patrick Stump
    4. Childish Gambino
    5. The Roots – The Other Side
    6. James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream


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