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If you’ve tuned in to ORDINARYSTRANGE for the last 3 years, you’ll know that it’s that time when me and some friends share with you our favourite songs of the year. I’m kicking-off the series with my list because I had this compiled, pressed and ready by the end of November. It was done so quickly because I wasn’t as meticulous or thorough in keeping up with all the songs released this year for obvious reasons. However, that doesn’t mean that songs didn’t randomly enter my life and infuse me with embers of sonic delight. (I’m looking at you Nathan) In fact, fours songs weren’t actually released in 2012 but they became such a part of me that I had to put them on the list. I’ve learned that it’s sometimes better to ask forgiveness than permission. So, please forgive me for not adhering to the rules. Nevertheless, I do hope that you enjoy the list. And since some of you may feel a little down for not winning the raffle, I’m giving you this mix as a little consolation prize. You can download the songs here. (I recommend that you download each song individually.) You can also stream the entire mix in its intended order on the Soundcloud player below. Enjoy.
1. a milli vanilli | Shad – I’m a sucker for any song that samples my favourite lip-synching phenom group.
2. out here (cannonball) | Shad– That last track was too short so I needed to add one more! The EP he released was easily my favourite rap album released in 2012.
3. Celin Dion | Prince of Ballard– Perfection. Sheer head-nodding bliss every time I hear this track. Can’t get enough. 
4. Moorni | Panjabi MC– It’s the song you want to move to but don’t know how. Sounds foreign yet so deliciously familiar. 
5. Conquer | Propaganda feat. Theory Hazit– This is a track of contrasts. Propaganda starts hard with his cadence and theme of “conquer”. Then, Theory softly enters with whisper-intensity to mellow out the melody but not the message. 
6. Into The Wild | LP– Easily the song of the year for me. Besides the tour-de-force-of-a-voice that sweeps me off my feet; her lyrics also leave me enlivened as I walk through the open gate into the untamed unknown!
7. The Don | Nas-The beat. The swagger. The seasoned voice of a veteran demonstrating  he still has it.  
8. Get Free | Major Lazer feat. Amber– This is a song that hooked me at first listen. This song is an exercise of perfect partnership. Diplo tames his production to give Amber ample room to sing her dream away. 
9. Thinking About You | Frank Ocean– The chorus got lodged in my head so deep that the only way I can exorcise it out is to sing-along to it every time it plays. You’ve been warned. 
10. Under the Spell of the Handout | Cody ChesnuTT– In this day in age that we’re living, this song not only captures the plight of minority groups in the US, but also in our back-yard. I can hear “Idle No More” sentiment as he demands: I heard the plea’s and cries\Give me a voice , give me my mind back \But give me the floor or give \me some room\Gotta take it (take take take it)
11. Winter Solstice | Cold Specks– It’s dark but with glints of light. It’s sobering, not to burden, but to quicken. It’s my favourite new artist to emerge from Canada. 
12. Pictures | Benjamin Francis Leftwich- He weaves vignettes in a way that leaves you feeling like you know what he’s talking about, but the more you listen, the more you realize how little you know about what he’s singing about. 
13. 1957 | Milo Greene– Saw this group perform on a Carson Daly show very early in the morning while feeding one of my little guys. The fact that they kept me interested while half-asleep speaks to how captivating this group is.
14. Manhattan | Cat Power– I love Cat Power. I love Manhattan. Simple as that. 
15. Conditioning | Cadence Weapon– It’s his farewell song to the city that raised him. You can’t blame him for leaving Edmonton, but at least we know that we are still on his mind. 
16. Disparate Youth | Santigold– A post-modern anthem for the idealists and dreamers! I’ll toast to that any day! 
17. Damn Your Eyes | Alex Clare– This Etta James remake is executed masterfully without  sacrificing on the yearning and pain its intended to convey. 
18. All Yours (Acoustic Version) | Submotion Orchestra– I was on Songza and I don’t remember what “mood” I chose…all I remember was that her soft croon was the lullaby I needed that day. Then. Then. The saxophone entered my life and this song had to be mine. It’s all about that sax.  
19. Leyndarmál | Ásgeir Trausti- I know that this was the year for Iceland’s “Of Monsters and Men”, but it was this Icelandic singer-songwriter that caught my attention. It’s an unencumbered song of pure pop goodness.
20. Ho Hey | The Lumineers– The best free song  from iTunes of 2012! It’s amazing but not surprising how this simple little song gained steam in a short amount of time. 
21. Sin Despedir | Carla Morrison– Oh the beautiful sound of a melancholic broken heart: Te fuiste sin despedir, pensando solamente en ti\Y ¿Qué le digo a mi corazón?\Si el no entiende de razón\Y pregunta por ti, es difícil mentir | You left without saying good-bye, only thinking of yourself/ And what do I tell my heart?\ If he doesn’t understand the reason\ and asks for you, it’s hard to lie\


10 thoughts on “Canciones 2012

  1. @Jabir: Good question. That would be Mr DJ Jabs. Very underground DJ based out of London 😉

  2. @Hilda- Good call. I couldn’t find it on iTunes so a podcast is the next best thing.

  3. I was so confused after I downloaded all of the songs because in my iTunes playlist I was missing one… I couldn’t find it until I noticed that it was in the podcasts not under music.

    So for everyone downloading the songs from, Ásgeir Trausti actually ends up in Podcasts!


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