Jared’s Top 2012

2:THOUSAND:12 : [this years annual mix by Jared robinson]

[As I start writing the descriptors to the songs I chose for my mix, I am fully aware that I am still needing to cut one song in order for it to fit into the standard CD length.]
[a few of these tracks couldn’t be found on grooveshark, but feel free to look em up via itunes]
Coheed & Cambria : The Afterman
These guys don’t just rock out. they are insanely good musicians too, with a very unique sound. Saw these guys a couple years back, and the singer had a picked out afro about 3 feet in diameter. Loved this song with its soft drive that carries it.
K’naan : With God on our Side
Omar and the Olympics introduced me to K’naan. Loved his rhymes and his beats, and so when I found he released this song as part of a Bob Dylan tribute album, I was stoked. I ended up editing some footage from an epic roadtrip to this song, and it is now forever linked with this trip, making it even more groove-able.
roadtrip video:
Eamon McGrath : Young Canadians
I met Eamon through an old roommate, Parker. He was an Edmontonian until he recently moved to Toronto to pursue his music career further. I love musicians with unique voices, and Eamon delivers with his raspy voice that screams sincerity.
Stellar voice, stellar sound, stellar guy.
The Apache Relay : American Nomad
I was getting stoked about the new album from Two Gallants, and started searching when and where they would be playing. This band was touring with Two Gallants, so i checked them out, and sure enough they delivered.
Chuck Ragan : Field Holler
I am always on the lookout for new Chuck Ragan music, so when I found this I knew it had to part of this years mix.
Chuck brings me back to days spent in The Pad garage, smoking Djarums, while a mix of people work on their vehicles, doors open beaming in sunshine. good vibes with this band.
Biffy Clyro : Stingin’ Belle
Stingin’ Belle is a single from their album that will be released in 2013. Its got this cockiness that is backed with a solid chorus and crescendo’s that keep it alive ..and then BOOM, they polish it off with a stellar bagpipe session. There’s some good stuff that comes out of Scotland.
Mumford & Sons : Babel
Heres a band that I have been getting into more of this year. I chose this song from their album because its one I won’t get bored of too easily, but this is an album chalk full of beauties – one that I have pressed repeat several times.
Person L : Ok
The Starting Line was a band I followed closely back in the early 2000’s. Kenny, the 16 year old singer at the time responded to an ad in a local newspaper looking for a singer. I mean, how do you find someone this good in a paper?? But then they called it quits in 2007, so I started following Kenny as he started another project called Person L.
Coheed & Cambria : Key Entity Extraction III: Vic the Butcher
Coheed is very dynamic. this is why I have chosen to put two of their songs on this mix. The first, as it just sets a good intro with its calm chill. And then this song needed to be added, because it shows their range, with its harder mix, more appropriate for the middle of this compilation.
Two Gallants : Halycon Days
This band has two friends in it, thats all. The San Fran duo broke up in 2007, and 5 years later decided to reunite, coming out with a bit of edgier rock sound rather than their famous folk style. Their new sound was a little harder for me to get into, but have grown to appreciate how it breaks up my regular playlists.
Blink 182 : Pretty Little Girl (feat. Yelawolf)
Just in time. Blink puts out an EP to polish off the year. I wasn’t even anticipating this one, which added to the excitement. I like the sound of this track, and thought their incorporation of Yelawolf’s Rhymes near the end a welcome and appropriate blend.
Dub Fx : Supernova Pilot
This is just a fun song, that just gives’er.
Kid Cudi : Creepers
I’m not usually a fan of Kid Cudi, but this one song I really liked. so it made my list this year.
David Guetta (ft. Sia) : Titanium
For the past couple years, i’ve seemed to find one song via Virgin 104.9 fm radio that makes my mix. Well done Sia for catching my ear. Great music video for this one too!
Fun. : Some Nights
I have loved this band for a few years now, and man its cool to see them explode lately. I originally popped a different song from their album onto my compilation in attempts to mix it up from what was constantly played on the radio. BUT, this song reared up and stuck with me. Love these guys. Another fun disc to play on repeat and not get bored of too quickly.
K-Os : The dog is mine
nice. twas just good to hear new music from this band. I think this song is about getting the hell out of a bad relationship.
Serena Ryder : Stompa
Every mix, and I mean every mix, needs a good chill song that makes you bounce your skull. Way to go Sereena, you made me bounce my skull.
Kishi Bashi : It all began with a Burst
(deleted from mix, didnt make the cut)
M.I.A. : Bad Girls
Hot Sauce this is one b’dass song that is fun to drive to. Peep the music video for this one too, stellar times.
Yellow Ostrich : Elephant King
This year I started experimenting with Jango.com, a website that lets you plug in a band you like, and it plays similar bands that you can rate, and enjoy. I cant remember what I plugged in, perhaps two gallants or chuck ragan Рwhatever it was, this band popped up, and I said yes please.
The Digital Age : All the Poor and Powerless
This band is pretty much the entire David Crowder Band, minus David Crowder.
This song just makes me love God even more.

JR:2thousand12 by Jared on Grooveshark

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  12. The songs that I really liked: K’naan, KOS, Serena Ryder, M.I.A., and Digital Age

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