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November 28, 2011

I’ve reached page 32 of my life. It’s a bit too late in the night to ponder what that means. Instead, I look forward to the feel of turning over to a crispy new page. I’m sometimes guilty of smelling the pages of a new book. I think it was Bono that once said that freedom smells like the top of a newborn’s head. So yeah, move closer to the screen and smell freshness. I think you’ll like it.

I’ll still be tweaking and adding some new elements but for now here is our new gathering place. It’s clean, simple and easy to read. I think this font screams:  I’m sophisticated and mature. (I want to give my ‘gracias’ to Jared from eye-catchers for creating and designing this fantastic header.)

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Dear Guest of Ordinarytrange,

Shamelessly I want to invite you to a little raffle. For your subscription to the blog I give you a chance to WIN my famous “Ordinarystrange Care Package”. Last years winner wasn’t disappointed.

You’re probably wondering, “So what’s this blog about?”. Well, it’s like a Willy Wonka factory without the Oompa Loompa’s. There is no need for a golden ticket; you just need to click here and sign up. Feel free to snoop around before you make this decision. Here are some popular posts worth checking out:

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6. The Death Of…

Lastly, by joining this little factory of dreams you become a part of the current Ordinarystrange tribe. We are 30+ strong and are awaiting for you to join. So will you open the ordinary strange chocolate bar and see where a few strokes of a key and a click of a mouse take you?


Gold-Egg-Laying Goose


7 thoughts on “32 Pages

  1. Hey Dan, I mentioned it on the previous post. “2. The “new and improved” Ordinarystrange will be unleashed on November 28. (I’ve been told that dramatic words like “unleashed” gets people really excited). Starting on November 28 until January 8 I will be doing my annual “Subscribe to Ordinarystrange and get a chance to win an Ordinarystrange care package”. Do you remember how life-changing this prize was? This time around I’ll be doing 2 draws- one for the new subscribers and one for you guys. So, please feel free to get the word out/subscribe your spouse,BF, GF, BFF on November 28 because I’d like to double my subscriptions again. Last year we doubled to 34 and this time I’m aiming for 68! Am I trying too hard?!”

  2. @Stacy- Thanks Stacy!
    @Dan- actually, I’m having 2 raffles. One for the CURRENT subscribers and one for the NEW subscribers. 🙂

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