Circa 1992-1994

Junior High Love

November 14, 2011

I have this strange tendency to look back whenever I’m forced to consider the future. My upcoming 32nd birthday is almost here and it’s at times like this that I border-line obsessively reminisce about the past. My wife teases me that whenever I become nostalgic I always tend to end up retelling stories about the girlfriends I had. Like the time in grade 7 when I asked Kimberly if she wanted to “go out with me” as we slow danced on the gym floor of S. Bruce Smith Junior High School. (Of course, “danced” is a loose term that really meant swaying side to side as my clammy hands palmed her hips while her arms rested on my shoulder). ย I was wearing my brand new bright coloured Rayon shirt tucked into my jeans rocking my fake Dr. Martens and I looked up at her, with my heart beating furiously, waiting for her to answer. I can still feel the disappointment as she casually answered; “sure”. I had invested on a lot of Dippity-do gel, Brut cologne and many near-hemorrhaging instances of shaving my upper lip for half a year and all she could say as I laid my heart bare was “sure”…

I calmly digress.

The thing about looking back is that you appreciate, for good or for bad, the changes that you have gone through. Regret and pride can often switch places as the years go by. What was once a regret now becomes the “war story” we are proud to retell.

As I write this I notice how quickly snow is populating our city. Change is often predictable, inevitable and somehow still surprising. It’s in that frame of mind that I want to let you know 2 things:

1. Ordinarstrange will be experiencing some changes. I want to call it “maturity” but you can call it “redesign”. ย As this 2 year operation continues I’m encouraged and humbled by your involvement. Even if you never leave a comment I’m so grateful that you’ve taken time to actually visit my site. Gracias. As I prepare for these changes I’d like to hear from you on any suggestions of “content” or “format” that you’d like to see. I probably won’t adopt your idea (there is so much red tape in this organization) but I really want to hear them. Truly.

2. The “new and improved” Ordinarystrange will be unleashed on November 28. (I’ve been told that dramatic words like “unleashed” gets people really excited). Starting on November 28 until January 8 ย I will be doing my annual “Subscribe to Ordinarystrange and get a chance to win an Ordinarystrange care package”. Do you remember how life-changing this prize was? ย This time around I’ll be doing 2 draws- one for the new subscribers and one for you guys. So, please feel free to get the word out/subscribe your spouse,BF, GF, BFF on November 28 because I’d like to double my subscriptions again. Last year we doubled to 34 and this time I’m aiming for 68! Am I trying too hard?!

My grade 9

Speaking of “try-hards”…above is a picture of me and my friend Jabir on our grade 9 Graduating day. Coolness never looked so nerdy.

In honour of my awkward Junior High days I’ve compiled a soundtrack for you to relive the days of colour-changing Technicolor t-shirts, front-locking IKEDA jeans, Patrick Ewing high-tops, Hair-sprayed puffy bangs , practicing the “running man” in front of the mirror and obnoxiously saying “Not!” to everything you said.

Party on.

12 thoughts on “Circa 1992-1994

  1. @ Jabir:
    A1: funny thing is i don’t even remember my parents being there…
    A) This pic was grade 8. I “dated” her when I was in grade 7. Liking 3 girls in grade 8 sounds about right.
    B) Yeah, I love this picture. Also love your Espirit de corps tee ๐Ÿ˜‰
    C) Pretty much the song list from our Junior High dance parties.
    D) Let’s not forget the construction paper candle worn over her head…
    E) word.
    F) I can’t help it!
    G) girl to Jabir after he performed in an Air Band contest where he ripped open his shirt: “You have a nice chest”. #win

  2. awesome as usual. or as people are saying these days … awesome as USHJ :pronounced YEW-SH(j)

    Great post, and quite the look into your maturing years mon frere!
    I hope Kimberly has learned to give a bit more than a “sure” these days!

  3. This is by far my favourite playlist! I need a copy for my mini van!! Hook me up!
    You’re hilarious. Thanks for posting this.

  4. What the hell is wrong with you? Try-hard my ass! Who else could rock a linen jacket and green pants in grade 9? Lol. That picture is epic.
    At least your parents came to the grad ๐Ÿ™
    A) Who the hell is kimberly? There’s about 3 girls in that picture I remember you crushing on but who’s this circled “kimberly”?
    B) I want that class picture, I don’t have it. We’re so small! Craziness.
    C) Solid playlist
    D) flicker flicker flicker
    E) World championship of the world!
    F) Damn you for starting this tyrade of neverending reminiscence!
    G) La Gente por la vida!

  5. @Tony Toni Tone- I knew you’d like this playlist. You’re just 2 legit 2 quit. You’re the real mccoy because you’re always thinking, “what about your friends?”. It’s nuthin but a “G” thing with you because you would do anything for love (but you won’t do that).

  6. Definitely my fave playlist of yours by far! Looking forward to the new layout……like this post a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. O,

    you never cease to amaze me with your posts! Haha. Hopefully this time I win that care package!! So glad to be a member of your following. ๐Ÿ™‚

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