2011 Ordinarystrange Care Package Winner(s)

Before you watch the video that declares the winning subscribers, I want to say a couple of things:

1. Thank you so much for having the patience to endure my constant bombardment on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram asking/pleading/pressuring you to subscribe. (Even I got tired of it!) Some of you subscribed out of pity and others out of the raw consumeristic need to win something. I like to think that 85% of you are actually in the middle of those extremes. Regardless, I’m grateful to have you join ORDINARYSTRANGE.

2. It is my hope that the feeling of losing the raffle doesn’t eclipse the joy of getting to stay updated with playlists, interviews, posts, reviews and other ordinary things of strange importance.

3. In an age of divergent opinions…oh forget it! Just play the video below before you die of suspense!!!


15 thoughts on “2011 Ordinarystrange Care Package Winner(s)

  1. How did I not see this gem?!?! Thanks to you and your fanny pack my Monday will be awesome!

  2. @Northern- let’s be honest. the real winners are LMFAO for writing such inspiring lyrics.

  3. @Hilda- yes, better luck next time!
    @Ashley- Ha! Lameness is ALWAYS funny!
    @Jenn- Wow! Sincerely, thank you for your words.
    @Caitlin- Ummm…weekly videos you say? Hmmm…not sure if it would make MY world happier.
    @Dolce- Whew! So glad you stayed. You are a poster child to why “Social Media Swagg” works!
    @Stacy- Thanks! Please show this video to Jeremy so he can pick up some pointers 😉
    @Carolyn- Yay! I’ll pass the message to Mia. She’ll indubitably be excited for your win!
    @Jared- Puh-lease. You call those dance moves?
    @Jennifer- If you own a fanny pack; sexy never left.

  4. Hey! Good news!! I’m mostly glad to be on your niece’s good side. Winning the care package is a fantastic bonus. Thanks for all the smiles, Omar 🙂

  5. I signed up last year honestly to win the package, which I did. And actually planned to unsubscribe after, but actually have really enjoyed all of your post Omar, especially the ones about the first Nations Aboriginal people.

  6. I think you should do weekly videos. the world would be a happier place if you did. just sayin’…

  7. I feel like I won something just by being able to witness that video! I have thoroughly enjoyed every post, and will continue reading, pondering over, giggling at, and engaging others with some of your thought provoking content! Thanks Omar!

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