Twinning Out With My Twin (and your chance to Win!)


One of the things I enjoy about summer is curating songs for my “Summer Mixes”. I’m the guy with the windows rolled, elbow sticking out and head nodding as I cruise pass the construction workers with my music blaring but tragically muffled by the roar of the jackhammer.

This experience can be yours too.

Contest: I will award an “Almost End Of Summa'” CD mix (mailed or hand delivered) to the first 3 people who correctly identify which “Roommate” I’m “twinning out with”.

*Sorry, but family, co-workers, Jared and Mel are disqualified from this contest.

Good luck!


17 thoughts on “Twinning Out With My Twin (and your chance to Win!)

  1. @Dcalvert @Erin- You are both correct! Ya’ll will be bumping to a brand new mixtape in your vehicles in the very near future! Congratulations! Erin-Jade is too cute!

  2. @chelsea @Jabir @Dara- Thanks for playing guys! You are incorrect though. My twin is Zavi. I’ll email you a consolation prize later this week though 🙂

  3. @Holly-Hey Holly! I remember you! Thanks for “creeping” 😉 I however refuse to recall watching an entire episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” during any time of my life. You must have me confused with another “Omar”. Unfortunately, you were led astray by the previous comments. My twin is Zavi. Thanks for playing though! I’ll email you a consolation prize later this week 🙂

  4. Jade says that it has to be Zavi… and then she started singing “I wish you would sleep, better at night…” etc. She is so enamoured with your boys… well any babies, actually.

  5. ha!
    Oh Zavi looks mighty cute in this photo doesnt he?!
    or does he? Zavi? Or Zuki?
    hmm.. ive got to consult with Zola.

  6. I’m going with Marzuki. And yes, I am the Holly who is friends with the Hendrata’s and the Abrol’s and you and I have met on occasion, such as watching Grey’s (do you want me to admit that on your blog?) and at that First Nations info night with Robin. Remember that? Anyway, I creep on your blog from time to time and wouldn’t mind a mix tape, erhm, CD 🙂

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