The final countdown…

Let’s be honest- the day of our birth is the “actual” new year that we begin. So when our birthday comes it is then that we should technically be writing our “new year’s” resolutions. However, we often look at the global “New Year” as our starting point for change. I’m not sure why? There is something to be said about being a part of a “new clean page” that everyone is starting on that makes it more momentous.  Regardless of what you feel about “resolutions” (I’ve kicked the habit only to pick it up again) I’ve decided to list my 3 main goals for the year in an upcoming post.  Two years ago my goal for the year was to eat breakfast every morning.  It was a discipline to not only help me with my metabolism but also an incentive to get up earlier and slowly begin my day by enjoying a meal. Lame I know.  This year I feel I must be more bold and courageous about it.  What are some past “resolutions” that you’ve made in the past?

As I think through what I will aim for in 2010 I can’t help hear Kierkegaard say “Life must be lived forward, but can only be understood backward”.

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