Stephen Harper Meets Jesus


“My name is Jesus and you are hurting my people.” Stephen Harper smiled and before extending his hand said with politeness, “I am certain I’m not hurting anyone. But thank-you for sharing your thoughts with me. Have a good day.” Jesus wouldn’t move. With fear bursting out of every word he yelled, “My name is Jesus Sandoval and you Prime Minister Harper are hurting my people!” Before security could do anything, Harper waved his hand to keep the men in suits from pouncing on Jesus. “Okay, sir. I’m willing to listen to what you have to say. I will give you five minutes and then I have to continue with my meeting. Is that okay with you?” Jesus nodded.

“I don’t need five minutes to tell you what you already know. My people are your people. Politics and power have clouded what you once knew. What we do to the weak, we do it to ourselves. We may not see the effect today, but in the generations ahead, we’ll see the effects of the ripples we’ve stirred. You were taught that the merciful will obtain mercy. You were taught that what you do to the least of these you do it to Him. You knew that. But now, something has changed. But it’s not too late. Listen to the cry of the hurting. See the tears of those who are mourning. Let your heart feel the weight of injustice. Your apology was supposed to be a start of something beautiful. But something has kept you from doing what you know is right. Don’t ignore your people Mr. Prime Minister. St. Paul changed his path when he encountered Jesus. And today, Jesus stands before you pleading to stop hurting his people.” Harper, filled with tears, embraced Jesus and wept.

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