Funny Humans



The moment we open our eyes we are given a gift to see things as they are and as they could be.

We recognize limitations but aspire towards possibilities.

I think of a toddler who will fearlessly jump from a table and risk physical harm, yet cry in terror when they hear a sound in their room at night. We are funny humans.

We strap on our seat belts for protection but don’t hesitate in searching for the perfect emoji to text while we’re driving. Classic human.

Bad news is bad news, but leave it to humans to turn it into something else. The foolishness of humanity is that we believe we are capable of great things in spite of unpredictable and unwelcome circumstances. Yet, that is precisely also our brilliance.

We often fear of becoming cynical, bitter or angry when we don’t get our way. We blame these emotions as if they are the culprit to a despondent heart. What we don’t realize is that they are essential in keeping us rooted to our humanity.

Instead, the enemy of the heart is the protective heavy-duty Otter case we surround it with. We tell ourselves that keeping things inside will keep us safe. But that’s not how our hearts were engineered. We asphyxiate the potential our hearts are capable of when we shield ourselves from others.

The heart was meant to be free and exposed.

Let it risk; let it dream; let it love; let it cry; let it dance.

A heart engulfed in love will do surprising things.


(I dedicate these words to a friend who is in the hearts and prayers of many these next few days.)

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