A New Home

3400 Keele St, Toronto, ON

It’s been awhile since I was here. The truth is I’ve been in the middle of moving from 2 locations. The first one is my residence. We own a house in a quaint part of the city and it’s been very hectic getting settled. The second location is moving this blog from a wordpress site to my own.  Both of these moves have required some key decisions on colour and content.  However, even though both locations haven’t been “completed” I’ll resign from waiting for everything to be “perfect” before inviting people!

Speaking of moving, I remember when we first moved from El Salvador to Canada.  Our first place of residence was 3400 Keele St in Toronto.  It was in this building where my family first experienced snow and trick-or-treaters.

snow: What seemed like small shreds of paper floating in the air I remember heading out to the balcony with layers and layers of clothing. At the time we did not own winter coats so the only logic was to utilize every inch of fabric we owned. I was so ecstatic by seeing this phenomenal for the first time that I yelled in glee over the descending confetti.  I was only 6 at the time but sometimes I wish I could muster a fraction of that response when it snows for the first time!

trick-or-treaters: What would you do if a crowd of children dressed up in masks and costumes knocked at your door and you had no clue about the Halloween tradition? Would you open the door? Would you pretend no one is home? Would you call the police? Lucky for us, or at least the kids at the door, we handed out pennies. Yes. Pennies. Our aunt from New York was in town and suggested we give out change. At least we didn’t give out tortillas.

2 thoughts on “A New Home

  1. “at least we didn’t give out tortillas”

    BEST LINE EVER. haha. you crack me up, Omar!

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