I didn’t go anywhere as cool as New York. I didn’t run a marathon. Yet, 2012, was a year of immeasurable growth, adventure and beauty. Below is a glimpse into the most epic year of my life so far. It’s amazing how two little bundles can turn your world upside down for the better. I hope you celebrate your 2012 and embrace the happiness tucked inside the present moment. May 2013 be a year of happiness, the kind of happiness that occurs from a lifeĀ of “balance, order, rhythm and harmony” with ourselves, each other, nature, and God.

8 thoughts on “an ORDINARYSTRANGE 2012

  1. @Tricia-My true goal is for my boys to tear up when they’re older and see this!

  2. @Bren-I’m glad you liked it! We are so lucky to have you guys live so close to us. All is full of love for Team Calvert!

  3. @Tony- Thanks Tone. Let’s make sure that in 2013 we get pictures of you guys. I couldn’t find any in my phone or camera and I wish I had because despite our distance you guys are close to our hearts and have been a part of our journey.

  4. @Julie- Thanks so much Julie. It was pretty emotional putting this together as well.

  5. That was beautiful Omar! I definitely bawled my face off. We are honored to have been a part of your 2012 journey. We love you both & those gorgeous babies!! We wish you nothing but sweet blessings in 2013.

  6. Great video! You guys for sure have been on quite the journey. I am thrilled that 2012 was filled with many blessing and hope 2013 will have so much more! Lots of love from the Hendrata clan. =)

  7. I’m admitting to having some tears stream down my face. This is beautiful. Wishing you guys an awesome 2013 as your little guys reach so many amazing milestones.

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