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Gratitude isn’t always easy. But it’s also not impossible. I have 365 days worth of pictures to prove it. But before we go there, with 2015 upon us, you might be asking, “What are you going to focus on this year?” After some thought, I decided on #365Learning. The aim is to archive things I learn or lessons my family discovers for the first time. It might be re-learning something or unlearning an old paradigm. You are more than welcome to join me on Instagram under #365Learning

There was something beautiful about each day in 2014. Some days it was harder to notice than others. Changing careers  was by far the most humbling and challenging thing I experienced in 2014. My mind, of course, wanted to dwell on the things I didn’t have, but this exercise forced me to notice that there’s more to life than sending out a million resumes without getting a response. Am I bitter that it took me so long to land a job in the field I wanted? Not anymore. Ha! As I look back at some of these pictures, I’m a fool to have felt ungrateful for even a second.

G16  Look how little they look!

G1   Worth walking 10 blocks for.

IMG_2233.JPG   The best meal of 2014.

IMG_2236.JPG Movie night with Jared!

IMG_2235.JPG  It’s just the Nature of Things.

(You can read the article here)

IMG_2234.JPG  Swoon.

IMG_2217.JPG   Romancing Silence.

(You can read the transcript of Romancing Silence here)


IMG_2221.JPG  My summer job!

IMG_2213.JPG Second best meal of 2014.

IMG_2215.JPG Not getting a job I wanted.

IMG_2212.JPG Most impacting event of 2014

IMG_0296.JPG Those looks!

preciousPrecious people.

ReunitedReunited with my ring!

Day 1 Day 1!

Upstairs  We’re moving…upstairs!

Sibling Text Sibling Texts.


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