The Club Monaco Sweater Playlist

It's all about tucking in the shirts.


In honour of our awkward Junior High days I’ve compiled a soundtrack for us to relive the days of under-cut mushroom hair cuts,  colour-changing Technicolor t-shirts, front-locking IKEDA jeans, Patrick Ewing high tops, Hair-sprayed puffy bangs , practicing the “running man” in front of the mirror and obnoxiously saying “Not!” to everything you said.

Party on.

5 thoughts on “The Club Monaco Sweater Playlist

  1. @Cheps- I’m sure my mom took it to mail it to her siblings. You know, kinda showing off ‘como guapo estan mis hijos’ sort of thing

    @Katia- I hadn’t quite grown into my lips yet. Also, Jose’s 3-button cotton blend Henley shirt is also in style. Hose Nose is always ahead of his time!

  2. bahahahahaha! Omar, your face is SOOOO funny! Your hair!! oh man!
    Jose, your hairstyle is in again now…..looks like you pull it off nicely!

  3. WOW! this picture is amazing…grade 7 if I’m correct. I just tucked in my shirt to show I had something that was Levis (fitting in syndrome), it was about the buckle. If you look carefully you’ll noticed that at my knees there are creases, I did that to cover the holes I had. Why we take this picture anyways?

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