Songs of a Beautifully Strange Kingdom

April 15, 2012

I hope the steaming cup of tea warms you on this blistery winter day. (is it spring yet?)

Regardless, as you wrestle with the following questions…

1. How can we tune ourselves to grow in the wisdom/experience/hearts of the people from  different backgrounds than my own?

2. How can we better hear the voices of the diverse community that’s already here?    

3. How can my voice be better heard?

…I want to provide a musical background to get you dreaming. The music in this playlist is from various parts of the world, encompassing a multitude of sounds. It is in no way exhaustive because there are too many countries/ethnicities/musical genres to even scratch the surface. The purpose of this post is to provide space for you to write your thoughts/comments/questions/responses to the questions.

I’d also love to invite you to submit songs to this playlist so it better reflects our church. I had a little help from friends to compile this so I hope you’ll help it become wider and deeper in scope of what the Kingdom of God sounds like.

Lastly,if you would like to read a little more about understanding the Christian faith beyond a Western worldview I invite you to read the following posts:

Interview with Jeanine Part 1-“Tribe, Colonialism and Religion”

The Day After…


I hope you enjoy the music. (Your tea is getting cold so let’s get this party started!)


2 thoughts on “Songs of a Beautifully Strange Kingdom

  1. Thanks Christine! I added “Angel in Disguise” to the playlist. Favourite line in the song is:

    Take a look at the ordinary
    Don’t need to look at Paradise
    You could be next to
    an angel in disguise
    Everyday can be legendary
    Every minute, an endless surprise
    You could be the next angel in disguise

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