Talib Kweli,Kanye West among others have been waiting for Lauryn Hill to return. Hip Hop hasn’t been the same since she left. Sure we’ve had the emergence of Nicki Minaj kicking 50 accents per minute in “Monster”. But she’s no L Boogie. Her voice and lyricism has no parallel among her contemporaries. Can you honestly watch this video and think of ONE artist that can sing and rhyme as tight as her? Drake I’m looking at you. There was talk that the Fugees were releasing an album and then she made an appearance on Dave Chapelle’s Block Party. But she was just teasing us. There was no record and no tour. Like a grizzly in hibernation Ms. Hill has decided to tear the stage again. She’ll be coming to Edmonton on May 28. Here’s hoping that she does come so I can call ¬†Kweli and Yeezy to let them know that Lauryn has finally ¬†returned.

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