I really wanted to like this movie. Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr and Guy Ritchie seemed to be the perfect trifecta for a solid movie. Unfortunately, it was boring. Uninspired. Simply a waste of my time. Rachel McAdams was so bland and unoriginal that it only added to the demise of this film.  I want to say good things about the style and wardrobe but I just can’t look past how dull the whole thing felt. Nothing was convincing. I recently heard that a girl did not want to watch this film because it seemed “demonic”. I guess to some people it was very convincing.

1 thought on “SHERLOCK HOLMES

  1. dude – AGREED.
    i didnt think i would actually turn off a movie this big.
    but, honestly, boring indeed.
    where the heck was it going, what was the point.
    perhaps i wouldve found out at the end of the flick, but to be honest, i wasnt in a place to even give it the chance, based off the first half.

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