Point Break

Neo goes surfing.  Okay, pretty easy to poke fun at Keanu for his “acting”. But let’s talk about Patrick Swayze instead. He is…perfect. I’m not sure if this is classic Swayze or not but he is hypnotic despite the horrible 80’s hair-fro.  I’ll admit that I watched this film for 2 reasons- 1. The reference in Hot Fuzz 2. Kathryn Bigelow. Allow me to add another reason if you haven’t watched it yet- Gary Busey.

1 thought on “Point Break

  1. I gotta say, point break is one of my classics! Love it! Your right – swayze is gold in this movie! Action plotline, but most of all bodizafa delivers the perfect connection and portrayal of the spiritualness between man and wave. Awesome!

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