How To Train Your Dragon

This was our third choice of the night. It wasn’t anything we were excited about watching. It’s another animated film about a misfit kid who overcomes obstacles and saves the village. ¬†We’ve seen this a hundred times. Surprisingly, this film shattered all of my expectations. It was funny, endearing, delightful and touching. There is something so true about an animated character that can express emotions without words. Like Wall E, Night Fury pulls your heart strings and funny bone with just one gesture. At no point do I feel this movie panders to the “child/adult” dichotomy that Hollywood attempts to satisfy. Instead, it’s a children’s story told for children. There is none of this “add innuendo so adults will enjoy it” rubbish at all. Instead, it’s an enchanting tale that stands on its own regardless of what age you are.

3 thoughts on “How To Train Your Dragon

  1. Thank you Lynn! It is nice when you know for certain the colors will go together and you have the recipes to mix them correctly like in yesterdays color palette.BTW they would make great colors for a polymer clay cane that you could use to cover the handles of drill bits like the ones in this post.

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